Mino Ware Iron Glazed Tenmoku Teabowl


A Tenmoku teabowl fired in Mino in the early Edo period. It forms a Tenmoku shape with an indented lip and is covered with iron glaze up to the lower waist. This type of iron-glazed ware was widely produced in kilns around the Chuma Kaido after Mino-Momoyama pottery flourished. There are similar examples found in Okawa-higashi Kiln’s works. It is in excellent condition as a kiln excavation, and the surface is covered with a deep lustre that has been used for many years.

The rim is slightly distorted and elliptical. There are unglazed spots, a sticking mark, and a short hairline around the rim that occurred during the kiln process. A hairline on the side of the base is not passing through. Accompanied with a Shifuku drawstring pouch, it fits in a box labelled “Horinote (excavated) Tenmoku Chawan”.

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