Ko-Imari Blue and White Porcelain Cups with Marble Pattern, Set of 5


Imari ware cups, a set of five fired in Arita in the late Edo period. It has a tulip-shaped body, and the exterior is covered with a beautiful Sumi-nagashi (marble) pattern in underglaze blue.

The Sumi-nagashi technique developed significantly during the Edo period, being applied to textiles from Japanese paper that had been applied since medieval times. Designs inspired by this technique can also be seen in Japanese ceramics such as Tamba and Seto and Kyo ware, but they are rare in Imari, and prised as collectable. The clear indigo gives an elegant impression reminiscent of the surface of water that scatters light.

There is some variation in dimensions. Minor kiln damages and minor chops on the foot of some pieces, but none of them have any noticeable flaws and are in excellent condition.

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