Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Bottle with Leaf Pattern in Underglaze Iron


An exceptional white porcelain bottle fired during the middle of the Joseon dynasty. The voluminous body retains potter’s wheel marks, and delicate leaf patterns are uniquely drawn with light strokes.

This bottle employs the “underglaze iron decoration” technique. This method, involving the application of iron oxide to white porcelain—traditionally devoid of iron—gained popularity as a substitute for underglaze cobalt-blue decoration during periods of ceramic production decline, notably due to events like the Japanese invasions (Imjin War) and Qing invasions. Originating from the late 17th century, the zenith of underglaze iron-brown decoration ware production, this bottle exhibits an altered scarlet skin adorned with Amamori, lending it a captivating allure. The figure’s ephemeral yet powerful appearance, lacking a neck, evokes the challenging circumstances of the time as people sought recovery from the devastations of war.

There is no dirt or odour inside and no water leakage.

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