Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Jar with Phoenix Design in Underglaze Iron Brown


A white porcelain jar with an underglaze iron brown decoration fired in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. It is inferred that it was produced in a local kiln influenced by the white porcelain of the Gwangju official kiln, and two phoenixes are drawn with the Minhwa (Korean folk painting) style brushstroke. It has the same shape and details as the piece that Soetsu Yanagi purchased in Korea in 1916, and it may be from the same area.

Many of these white porcelain jars have a cracked bottom, and this piece is no exception, but it has been repaired and has no leaks. There are some minor scratches on the torso, but there are no noticeable defects, and the condition is generally good. Comes with a box.

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