Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Glazed Box with Cover | Vietnam, 15-16C


A cobalt blue glazed lidded box salvaged from a cargo of Hoi An shipwreck, on the coast of Vietnam. Vertical stripes are carved into the body and a calyx is decorated to the top of the lid to form a fruit.

It is believed that the numerous pieces of pottery on board the ship were ordered by a powerful people in the South Sea to the Đại Việt (current northern Vietnam). The cobalt blue glaze design, which began with Yuan blue and white, is thought to have been a luxury item in Vietnamese blue and white, and the amount is incomparably less than that of normal blue and white wares.

This piece is in good condition with only two minor chips at the joints. This type of lidded boxes are often are assorted the lid and the body, but this piece has the same size and vertical lines design and it seems they were a pair.

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