Ming Dynasty Ko-sometsuke Blue and White Dish with Pine Tree and Plum Branched Design


A Ko-sometsuke (Chinese blue and white for the Japanese market) plate fired in a private kiln of Jingdezhen at the end of the Ming dynasty. The wall rises gently from the side of the base and forms a shallow bowl shape. The plum branches in different vases on the left and right, and a planted pine tree in a rectangular flower pot in the middle are painted in a pictorial expression that makes use of perspective and margins. It is an auspicious design with Bonkei (landscape in miniature with plants and natural materials related to Bonsai) that well expresses the spirit of the times that is also brought from China and became popular among the people in Japan at that time.

The glaze flakings on the rim, which generate imperfection beauty, is preferable. There are no noticeable defects other than minor scratches and stains on the surface and the condition is good.

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