Sui Dynasty Early White Porcelain Bowl


An early white porcelain bowl fired in the Sui dynasty. The same piece was included in the kiln site excavated from the Hebei Jingxing kiln discovered in 1989, and this piece was probably made there.

The prototype of white porcelain began to be produced during the Northern and Southern dynasties and developed significantly during the Sui dynasty. This piece is from the late Sui dynasty, which was the most elaborate in the making, and the glaze has become more transparent, and the shape has changed to a thinner and more sophisticated. Xing ware that famous kiln produced white porcelain at the same time and the Jingxing kiln are geographically close, and the Jingxing kiln’s works might be lost into the works that is currently considered to be the Xing ware.

This bowl is an excavated piece that has been inherited as a matcha bowl. There are no noticeable defects other than the minor glaze flaking, small recolouring, and Gintsugi on the rim. It is stored in an old box with a “隋白釉茶碗-Sui white glazed bowl” sticker.owl”.

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