Southern Song Jizhou Ware Black Glazed Cup with Splashed Slip-trail Decoration


A Jizhou ware sake cup fired in Ji’an County, Jiangxi Province during the Southern Song to the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. The figure of raised brush painting in blueish-white pigment on the jet-black glaze is like foxfire in the dark night.

The transparent tortoiseshell glaze represented by Jizhou ware’s Tenmoku in the Southern Song tends to fracture over time, so gradually changed to such decoration containing white slip. The design inherits the flower glaze of North China in the Tang dynasty and is thought to be the origin of Karatsu ware’s Somen-de and Itchin slip-trailed decoration found in Japan later.

The blossom shaped wall that draws an elegant curve fits well in the hand, and the size is appropriate and perfect for sake sets. There are no noticeable defects other than the minor chips on the footring. Come with a storage box.

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