Fujina Ware Yellow Glazed Bowl with Streaked Black and Green Design


A bowl fired in Izumo during the Meiji era. A rare design in which yellow glazed on a thinly moulded body and black glaze and green glaze is streaked alternately. Although it is not tall, it has a “Shamisen plectrum” foot and has a Goki-chawan shape with a squeezed hip and an inward rim. It seems that it was produced in one of the kilns of Fujina, but the combination of glazed colors that is similar to the two tone glaze of Ushinoto ware is magnificent. The wavy shape is also one of the highlights.

There are two Kintsugi repairs, sticking mark on the exterior, and minor chips on the base. Other than that, there are no noticeable defects and the condition is good. Come with a box.

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