Obori Soma Ware Celadon Teabowl


An Obori Soma ware celadon teabowl fired in the late Edo period. It has a thin and elaborate shape using hard porcelaneous clay and craquelure on the sage green glaze. The exterior is smooth, but the potter’s wheel marks remain on the interior with tea stains.

Obori Soma ware which prospered in the production of commoner’s living items. However, this piece seems to be imitated the style of Longquan celadon, applied celadon glaze until the bottom of the foot and glaze spot on the center of the base. It is inferred that such high-quality celadon led to the later “Ao-Hibi (Blue crackle),” which is Soma’s represent design until now.

There are minor chips and short hairlines on the rim, but the condition is generally reasonable. It has an inherited taste, and the fine crackles are colored. Comes with a box.

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