Mino Ware Ofukei Glazed Long Plates, Set of 2


Long-square plates set of two, made in Mino during the early to mid-Edo period. The houndstooth and grass patterns are drawn on both ends of the front face and covered with Ofukei glaze. Compared to the Ofukai ware made in Seto of the later period, these types’ shapes are narrower and sharper made. The feldspar glaze, which is used to stabilize the painting, exhibits a steel-grey colour and accentuates the solidness.

One has a chip on the base, and the other has a chip on the lip. The finish was still unstable at the time, and both pieces have partly whitish matte textures on the surface and some unglazed spots. However, the one is in relatively good condition, and the other is also reasonable.

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