Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Gyeryongsan Kiln White Slip Bottle with Leaf Design in Underglaze Iron


A remarkable Buncheong ware bottle made in Gyebong-ri, Gongju-gun, Chungcheongnam-do during the early Joseon dynasty. Flowers and plants are painted with iron on the white slip, and a transparent glaze is applied to the entire surface, except for the bottom of the foot.

The Buncheong ware in underglaze iron fired in Gyeryongsan, the mountain where the kiln is located, is particularly praised in Japan under “Keiryuzan”. The unique painting is presumed to depict ginseng leaves. And it is a representative design of this type, along with vines and fish designs. This piece, which has a large and stately figure with a distinct painting style, is of unfindable outstanding quality, even in the famous Gyeryongsan ware. Countless stone sparkles appear on the body, adding a rustic beauty.

There are glaze flakings on the inside of the mouth, which is thought to have occurred during firing. In addition, there are kiln scratches on the inside of the base, but there are almost no acquired defects, and it is in significantly good condition. Fits in a box labelled “Keiryuzan Tessha Soukamon Tokkuri”.

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