Southern Song Qingbai Ware Teabowl


A Qingbai ware tea bowl fired in the Southern Song. This type of conical bowl, known as the bamboo hat-shaped bowl, developed during the Song dynasty as the more beautiful and functional bowls as tables and chairs became more popular, and people’s postures and perspectives changed.

The Qingbai ware created by potters in northern China who moved south of the Yangtze River was produced in the current Jiangxi, Fujian, and Guangdong provinces. This piece is a typical example of the Jingdezhen Hutian kiln, and its characteristics are well expressed by its glass-like texture and powerful crazing concentrated on the rim. Fantastic glaze drips occur around the rim, creating a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of a lakeside shrouded in light fog.

There are no noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent. It comes with a drawstring pouch and a box.

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