Xing Ware White Porcelain Tea Bowl


A Xing ware white porcelain bowl fired in Lincheng County, Hebei Province, in the late Tang dynasty. This plain bowl was the most notable export ceramic and had a “snake eye” foot and a rolled lip. Similar examples have been excavated from archaeological sites around Euroasia, such as Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Some cases of Xing ware’s white porcelain was made with white slip, but this piece is a type in which the glaze was directly applied to the base clay. Its whiteness is comparable to that of modern white porcelain, and it creates a clear sound like glass when it hits.

Potter’s finger marks, slight surface ageing, and minor flaws occurred during the kiln process, but there were no noticeable defects. It is stored in a box with the inscription “Song dynasty Ding ware rolled lip bowl” −The Xing ware kiln sites were first found in the 1980s, and this inscription was written probably in the 1940s.

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