Trần Dynasty Leed Green Glazed Jar


A jar of rare examples fired during the Trần dynasty in Đại Việt (current northern Vietnam). It has an abacus-shaped body with a short neck and is covered with a lead-green glaze interior and exterior. There are four small spurmarks left inside.

In contrast to the transparent copper-green glaze called apple green, the lead-green glaze gives a vivid green colour but is more fragile and prone to flake. Like the green-glazed jars of the Later Han Dynasty, they are thought to have been used not for practical use but as decorations or burial items. The peculiar lustre of the devitrified skin and the glint of silvering are beautiful.

There are two places with the same colour repair on the body and a chip on the mouth. Glaze flaking is limited to a part, and the surface is retained in good condition. In addition to the few examples, the ones in such good condition are rare.

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