Goryeo Celadon Bowl with Inlaid Black and White Cloud and Phoenix Design


A celadon bowl fired at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty. This piece from the latter half of the 14th century shows aspects of the transition to Buncheong ware. It is inlaid cloud and phoenix patterns with black and white slip and covered with celadon glaze entirely, leaving three spurmarks on the well. The glaze tone shows that it was oxidized firing and is tinged with greenish-brown. Many bowls of the same type were excavated from Muan County’s Doripo seabed, proven to have been produced at the Gangjin Sadangri kilns.

It seems that it has passed a certain time since it was excavated, and the surface retains lustre. There are no noticeable defects other than kiln scratches, and the condition is excellent. It comes with a drawstring pouch and fits in an old box with the inscription “Mishimate Unpo Kashi-Bachi (Mishima Type Cloud and Phoenix Confectionary Bowl)”.

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