Matsushiro Ware Greenish White Glazed Lipped Bowl


A lipped bowl from Matsushiro ware made in the late Edo period. The opaque white glaze with is applied to the rough brown clay. It is a rare small size for practical use.

Matsushiro ware is a general term for several kilns located in the castle town of Shinshu Sanada Jumangoku, present-day Matsushiro-cho, Nagano Prefecture. It was founded in 1816 as a clan kiln. They produced simple and robust household wares for the commoners instead of high-end wares and influenced the ceramic industry mainly around the area. This piece has a beautiful green and bluish tint glaze-scenery in which ash and copper glaze are finely blended instead of this kiln’s typical streaking green glaze, which is attractive.

There are no noticeable flaws other than a minor chip on the spout and an old chip on the base.

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