Tamba Ware “Shiro-Tamba” White Slip Jar


A Tamba ware jar, fired during the transition from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period. Larger in size compared to the vessels typically used for preserving uruka (salted sweetfish innards), it is believed to have served as a container for salt, pickled plums, and other culinary items. While Tamba Kilns produced a significant number of round jars in various sizes, this particular piece stands out with its captivating appearance. The white slipped body is covered with a transparent glaze that imparts a lustrous effect reminiscent of water-drenched surfaces. This interplay of glaze and slip creates an intriguing landscape, rich in nuanced shades.

In terms of condition, the jar is exceptionally well-preserved, indicating careful use and maintenance. Although a part inside resembles a hairline, it does not extend through to the front, ensuring no water leakage.

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