Joseon Dynasty Totoya-Type Teabowl


An exquisite Korean teabowl belongs to the esteemed Totoya Chawan in Japan, fired during the early Joseon dynasty. The name “Totoya” derives from its origin story: it was discovered by Rikyu, the renowned tea master, on a shelf in a fish shop (Totoya) in Sakai. Alternatively, it is believed to have been owned by a merchant named Totoya.

As a Totoya-type piece, it exhibits distinctive characteristics, including dense spurmarks, a circular line on the interior, and fine-grained clay. However, it also boasts a unique feature—an alluring jet-black skin—that sets it apart. The seepage of iron from the clay during the firing process creates a captivating and tasteful metallic texture, enhancing the visual impact of the sharp morning glory shape.

While the piece has undergone an expert repair process using Kintsugi techniques to mend the cracks, the high-quality gold powders finish. Please note that part of the attached drawstring pouch shows signs of tearing. It comes accompanied by a box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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