Joseon Dynasty Porcelain Tea Caddy with Overall Coating of Underglazed Iron


A small jar fired in the latter half of the Joseon era. It was originally a small salt jar used as an everyday miscellaneous item. However, it comes with its lid and drawstring pouch that tells it was later repurposed as a tea caddy, embodying the aesthetics of Mitate. Its unique appearance is characterized by shaded dapples on the glaze by iron oxide applied all over its surface. Also, coarse sand adheres to the base. Although the base clay is hidden due to the overall coating of the glaze, it is made of porcelain and is heavier than it looks.

The enigmatic scenery, reminiscent of flame and smoke, evokes a range of potential uses, including as a sake cup or incense burner, offering versatility and aesthetic appeal.

As a result of long-term use, the sand grains on the base have become worn and familiar. It has to be noted that large linear co-colour repairs extend from the mouth to the side of the base on both sides, and a bifurcated crack is present on one side, though it does not pass through the entire bottom. It is accompanied by a box.

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