Karatsu Ware E-Karatsu Style Tenmoku Shaped Teabowl with Bamboo Leaf Design


A Kogaratsu teabowl fired in a Matsuura-style kiln between the 1600s to 1610s. The teabowl is adorned with a simple yet elegant bamboo leaf pattern, evenly spaced along the lip, creating a stylish impression. The teabowl exhibits a rich wine-red hue on its surface with the exposed brick-red clay beneath. This teabowl is a true gem, featuring scenic cloudy glaze drippings that enhance the reflection of the tea.

While this piece bears some signs of age, including old repairs on the lip and minor chips and hairlines. A slight wobble is present but does not hinder practical use. A drawstring pouch accompanies it and is housed in an old box.

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