Qing Dynasty Blue and White Slip Plate with Radial Wavy Pattern


A plate fired in Pengcheng Town during the late Qing dynasty displays notable characteristics. The plate features a brown clay body with a white slip applied, upon which a radial wavy pattern is drawn using underglaze cobalt. During this period, the original style of Cizhou-type kilns, known for their black and white designs on a white background, had waned, and the trend shifted towards imitating the late Ming dynasty’s Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain.

The “Cizhouzhi” (Records of Cizhou), written during the Kangxi Era, records that the people of Pengcheng would place such pieces on horse-drawn carriages and sell them in various regions of North China. This plate exudes a rustic craftsmanship that reminiscents with Japanese pottery, particularly Taihaku ware, the blue and white potteries of Seto ware.

The plate exhibits several minor chips and glaze flakings on the rim, along with minor scratches on the front face. It is accompanied by a box.

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