Goryeo Celadon Cup


A sake cup made during the Goryeo dynasty. It features a generous application of celadon glaze, with grains adhering to the bottom. This type of cup represents a unique variation modelled after Song porcelain and was utilized for drinking tea and participating in rituals with saucers. What distinguishes this piece is its slightly larger size compared to typical cups, and despite being made of celadon, it exudes the warmth and generosity typically associated with pottery works. The lustrous interior is densely covered with crackle glazes, which deepen in character as tea or sake is poured into it.

Despite being an excavated item, it appears to have already been used as a drinking vessel, with its ageing process preserved. Apart from a short hairline around the mouth, there are no significant flaws, and the condition of the cup is generally quite good.

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