Goryeo Celadon Bowl with Inlaid Black and White Cloud and Crane Design


A celadon bowl fired in Gangjin at the end of the Goryeo period. This piece adorns intricate black and white inlays featuring multiple motifs such as cranes, chrysanthemums, lotus petals, and Nyoi-tou (head of the Buddhist wand). Remarkably, the thin moulding of the vessel, with no spur marks on the interior or the foot, attests to the dignity of this bowl and the exceptional craftsman’s skill.

While cloud and phoenix patterns were prevalent during this era, the combination of cloud and crane patterns seen in this piece is rare and distinctive. For instance, among the inlaid celadon excavated from Muan County’s Doripo seabed, the cloud and crane pattern pieces constituted less than 1% of the approximately 560 inlaid celadon bowls.

Despite a minor chip on the lip and some minor glaze flakings, the overall condition is good. Additionally, a slight crack inside the foot occurred during the kiln process, but the crack does not affect the functionality of the bowl.

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