Karatsu Ware Kuro-Garatsu Style Teabowl

¥120,000 JPY

A Kuro-Gratsu style (black glazed Karatsu ware) Kogarastu teabowl fired in one of the Takeo kilns during the 1600s to 1610s. It showcases a small Mikazuki (crescent moon) foot and a bold body that conveys a powerful presence, as if crafted in a single breath. Handed down as a heirloom since the late Edo period, the glaze retains its luster, and the exposed base-clay area exhibits a texture reminiscent of aged copper. The spectacle of iron glaze dripping into the deeply sunken tea pool creates a profound landscape unique to Kuro-Garatsu.

The chips on the lip have been restored with Kintsugi and Gintsugi. While there are some chips from past use on the foot, the teabowl exhibits almost no wobbles. It fits in an old box.

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