Yuan Dynasty Xuanzhou Ware Brown Glazed Four-Handled Jar “Hanbei”

¥40,000 JPY

A brown glazed jar, fired during the Yuan dynasty, became popularized as a people’s liquor bottle during the Song dynasty when the liquor tax system was introduced. Due to its portability, it was later adopted as a military water bottle. In Chinese, it is also referred to as “Hanbei,” a name derived from the Song dynasty general Han Shih-Chung.

Manufactured from the Northern Song dynasty to the early Qing dynasty, Han bottles were produced in various areas in Anhui Province, including Cixi and Xuanzhou District, as well as in Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province. They were excavated across East Asia, having been carried overseas by the military. In Japan, the yakishime type was highly regarded and known as “Nanban-Chimaki.” However, this piece is older, featuring a generous amount of glaze. The deep glaze colour and natural kiln flaws imbue it with a profound atmosphere and rustic elegance.

Having served as a flower vase over the years, the overall appearance is deeply lustrous. There are some old repairs around the mouth, and while all four ears are almost intact, the jar is in good condition overall.

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