Ko-Imari Ai-Kutani Type Ruri Glazed Dish with Herons and Wave Design in Relief


A Ko-Imari Ruri (lapis lazuli) glazed plate fired in Arita in the late 17th century. This exquisite piece showcases intricate relief decoration portraying multiple herons frolicking on tumultuous waves. Remarkably rare, it combines the captivating complexity of trompe l’oeil-like with a realistic depiction, creating a coastal scene that feels immediate and vivid. Unexpectedly, the back side features a typical Ai-Kutani design, adding an element of surprise. This palm-sized dish is a masterpiece, offering a profound sense of depth.

Catalogued in the “Shibata Collection Exhibition (l).” Apart from minor grits, there are no noticeable defects, and the item is in excellent condition.”

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