Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Muji-Hakeme Type Teabowl


A stunning Buncheong ware flat teabowl fired in the early Joseon dynasty. It is commonly known as ‘Dumbung’ in Korea and ‘Muji Hakeme’ or ‘Muan Kohiki’ in Japan, which is applied with the dipping technique of soaking the front face in the slip. The moniker Muan Kohiki is derived from the fact that most of this type was produced in Muan-gun in the western part of Jeollanam-do, but similar shards have also been found in kiln sites in other areas such as Jangheung County. This piece is distinguished by its captivating bluish tint and thick glaze drops on the exterior, with stains appearing over a wide area of the white slip—a teabowl with a fantastic scenery reminiscent of a lakeside shrouded in a thin mist.

There is a minor chip on the lip. Other than kiln scratches and natural unglazed spots, there are no other noticeable defects. It comes with a box.

  • Hakogaki

    Serpent Rhythm Continuum

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