Xi Xia Dynasty Lingwu Ware Double Handled Small Jar

¥45,000 JPY

A double-eared vase crafted during the Western Xia dynasty during the subjugation of the Jin dynasty. Produced in a kiln located in Lingwu City, present-day Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The body is decorated with water wave pattern by the combing, and the rust glaze and tenmoku glaze are applied separately.

The Western Xia (1038 – 1227), ruled by the Tangut people, is known for having a culture different from that of the Han Chinese, including their year numbers and the establishment of the Tangut script. Notably, the design of the waves, reminiscent of Hellenistic Amphoriscos, hints at the influence of Western aesthetics, a testament to the region’s pivotal position along the Silk Road—a vibrant artery of trade and cultural exchange. In addition, the depiction of the wave resembles a swaying horizon beyond the desert and grassland areas where they lived.

There is a chip on one ear and on the rim of the mouth. There are almost no rough surfaces, and the overall luster remains good.

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