Trần Dynasty Celadon Teabowl with Fluted Design


A teabowl made during Trần dynasty of Đại Việt (now northern Vietnam). It has a cylindrical shape with wide fruted design, and the glaze extends to the sides of the base.

While earlier Vietnamese ceramics primarily featured celadon wares, later periods saw a variety of green glazes, including apple green, brown, and black-brown. This particular piece showcases a green glaze that has interacted with iron, creating a delicate pale auburn hue. Additionally, a white slip applied to the base material imparts a soft and subdued tone to the teabowl. The thick, straight fluted carvings resemble lotus petals, evoking the spiritual and cultural motifs prevalent during the Trần dynasty.

There are no noticeable defects other than a scraping and sticking on the side of the base.

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