Karatsu Ware Uchinoyama Kiln Green Glazed Bowl

¥36,000 JPY

A bowl fired in the Uchinoyama kiln in the late 17th century. The interior is adorned with a captivating dripping copper-green glaze, while a transparent glaze extends to the waist, creating a harmonious blend of bluish and whitish tones that evoke a serene landscape both inside and out. A notable feature is the snake’s-eye unglazed stacking ring mark in the well, adding to its unique charm.

This bowl stands out among Hizen pottery, differing from the typical Nisai Karatsu style of the same period. Its relatively rare size adds to its distinctiveness, as small plates are much more common in this type.

There is a rough crackle glaze running on the interior, and there are multiple lines that look like hairlines, but only one or two go through the exterior. There is one chip and a kiln crack on the rim.

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