Koishiwara Ware Large Dish with Brush Mark Slip Design

¥36,000 JPY

A large dish fired in Koishiwara Village (currently Toho Village, Asakura District, Fukuoka Prefecture) during the Meiji period. It features the “Uchi-Hakeme” technique, rhythmic brush mark slips, are applied while the potter’s wheel is in motion. The dish has a substantial, deep body and seven small spur marks on the front face.

The techniques are passed on to the sister kiln, Onta ware, but the Koishiwara ware has a rougher, darker, and more robust impression. The pattern on this dish is both regular and improvised, creating a visually striking effect. The texture of the well-used white slip further enhances its appeal, making it a truly unique piece.

There is a single glaze flaking on the front face, and several chips on the footring. Other than that, there are no noticeable defects and it is in good condition. It comes with a box.

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