Ryukyu Kingdom Tsuboya Ware Bowl with Slip-trailed Flower Design


A bowl made in Tsuboya at the end of the Ryukyu Kingdom. This type of bowl is called “Makai” in the Okinawan language. Made from red clay, the bowl is adorned with flower patterns on the exterior using the slip-trailed decoration called Itchin, then finished with a transparent glaze. Tsuboya ware, which emerged at the end of the 17th century through the integration of various regional kilns, served as an official kiln of the royal government while also producing items for commoners, reflecting prestige and everyday use. The bowl boasts a deep colour tone that highlights the iron content of the clay, along with a lustrous, moisturised surface.

Several minor hairlines extend from the lip, and some minor glaze flaking occurs, but there are no other noticeable defects.

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