Ming Dynasty Yunnan Dali Ware Vase with Underglaze Iron Decoration


A bottle made in Dali, Yunnan Province during the Ming dynasty. The rounded body is adorned with a cloud pattern, rendered with smooth brush strokes, and the base is distinctively cut with thread. While Dali kilns was renowned for the Qinghua blue-and-white ceramics during the Yuan dynasty, the influx of Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain in the Ming dynasty led the region to focus on producing miscellaneous goods.

Unlike the more common dark and fuzzy decoration of this kiln using locally produced cobalt, this bottle features rare, clear paintings made with iron oxide. Its excellent surface quality and practical measurements enhance its appeal, embodying the beauty of Mingei akin to Cizhou ware or Korea’s Gyeryongsan ware.

The interior of the bottle is clean and odor-free, preserving its functional integrity. Apart from a single chip on the mouth, there are no noticeable defects.

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