Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Tea Bowl with White Sgraffito Design of Peony Leaves | Korea, 15C


A Buncheong ware tea bowl with three faces of single peony leaf decoration by the sgraffito design. The attached certificate (Dated September 27, 1972) states “Carved Keiryuzan Tea Bowl”, but it is still considerable where it was crafted.

The style is reminiscent of the “Cizhou ware Black Sgraffito”, but the process is completely different and the sgraffito and the ground are reversed in this bowl. In addition, iron glaze is not applied to the ground for “Cizhou ware Sgraffito on White Ground”, which is similar in the process. Therefore, there are some types of Korean ceramics that resemble the Cizhou ware, but the techniques are quite different as well as material differences and those Cizhou ware-like vessels were produced concentrated in the South part on the Korean peninsula. Considering those facts, it is difficult to infer that there was direct technical transmission from Cizhou ware potters.

Around the 10th to 13th centuries, the Goryeo and Song dynasty had a trading relationship, and it was mainly the maritime trade and it gradually shifted to the south route because the Khitan people’s power expanded to the North part of the peninsula. At that time, a large amount of Cizhou ware works were brought from China and which may have influenced the Korean potters in the South.
This is an example that the geopolitical factors reflected in creative activities.

The crackle glazes are deep, but there are no notable defects. Comes with a box and the ‘Certificate of Korean Antique Art Appraisal Association’.

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