Joseon Dynasty Idowaki Type Teabowl


A teabowl from the middle of the Joseon dynasty. It was probably crafted in Jinhae-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do. This teabowl has common characteristics to the famous Ido Chawan, and those are called the Idowaki Chawan.

The highlight of this teabowl is that the amazing tone of loquat-coloured skin, which surpasses what is called Ido Chawan, and the deep and complex network of crack lines in the glaze that can be compared with Guan and Ge-type ware. It is such an enchanting piece that is too unique to call just “Idowaki-type”.

It has a few minor chips with age on the rim, but it is in generally good condition. The depth gloss on the surface and the Kintsugi repair of the rim convey that it has been carefully used for a long time and beloved by the previous owner. Come with an old box with the words “Old-inherited Hakeme, Amamori Teabowl”.

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