Ming Dynasty Small Dish Covered with Peacock Green Glaze in Relief Design


A small dish with a peacock green glaze fired in Jingdezhen during the Ming dynasty. The centre of the dish is decorated with a chrysanthemum design, while the surrounding area is decorated with intricate designs reminiscent of Tang dynasty silverware.

The peacock green glaze is also known as turquoise glaze, was originally used extensively in West Asia, but spread to Jingdezhen via the Cizhou ware, and was perfected at the Zhushan kilns during the Xuande period. This small dish was probably fired in a private kiln during the Jiajing period and has a rustic quality not found in official kiln wares.

It was fired at a rather low temperature, so there is a slight deterioration of the front surface, but there is no sign of flakings. This piece is made of good quality white clay and is suitable for practical use.

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