Karatsu Ware Kamanotsuji Kiln Ash Glazed Teabowl


Karatsu ware teabowl fired in the Nangawara-Kamanotsuji kiln in the middle of the 17th century. It has a bowl shape reminiscent of lacquerware and is covered entirely with a pale sage green ash glaze.

Since some blue and white porcelain bowls excavated in the Kamanotsuji kiln have the same shape and foot treatment, this type of Karatsu ware pottery is probably fired together with the Early Imari ware porcelain. With the involvement of the Kakiemon family, the kiln is becoming more inclined to porcelain, but it can be seen that it was made the demand for Karatsu ware by applying the technology of early Imari.

Some flaws occurred during the kiln process and ash attached to the inside. In addition, there is a hairline on the rim and a small Yobitsugi with a width of about 1 cm, both of which have been carefully repaired by Kintsugi. Comes with a box.

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