Early Imari Hyakken Kiln Blue and White Plate with Plants Design | Japan, 17C


An Imari ware Shoki-Imari, known as Early Imari blue and white plate, fired in the Hyakken kiln, Takeo Hizen, in the 1630s. It has a flower-shaped design in a brilliant tone of underglaze cobalt blue and a small foot, an early works feature.

Initially, the Hyakken kiln was used to be produced Karatsu ware pottery, but soon after the kiln opened, porcelain production began. While most of the early Imari ware was based on Korean pottery techniques, the Hyakken kiln seems actively incorporating designs of the Chinese Ming dynasty since earlier than other kilns. This plate is also designed to resemble Kraak ware and shows a cordial taste with a crackle glaze.

There are no noticeable defects other than a minor kiln scratch and a short hairline, but the condition is excellent.

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