Qing Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware Blue and White Bowl | China, 18-19C

¥18,000 JPY

A blue and white bowl baked in a Cizhou-type kiln during the Qing dynasty. This piece may be from Jiexiu kiln or one of the other Shanxi kilns. There used to be high-quality white porcelain produced comparable to the Ding ware, but many potters moved to the south due to the war during the Yuan dynasty, and the technique had already been lost. In this work, which reproduces blue and white by applying cobalt to the white slip, a peony pattern reminiscent of the black decoration on a white background in the past is drawn, leaving a quaint taste different from the blue and white in South China.

There are no noticeable defects other than minor glaze flakings on the rim.

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