Yuan Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White Slip Bowl with Calendar Pattern in Underglaze Blue


A white slip underglaze blue teabowl fired in a Cizhou-type kiln in the Yuan dynasty. This bowl has a sturdy base, and the radial pattern that is the Middle Eastern-influenced “calendar pattern” is designed on the engobe. Since the same type of pottery was excavated in the area between Northeast China to the Hoeryong in the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula, it is thought that there is some connection with the Jurchen people who fled to the northeast after the Mongolian invasion in the Jin dynasty. It deviates from the genealogy of blue and white that revolves around South China, and continued investigation of ceramics in this area is expected.

There are minor flaws that occurred during the kiln process, but the condition is generally good. The blue and white pottery is also produced in the Cizhou type kilns in Shanxi Province, but there is a wide gap in the times, and those are different.

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