Joseon Dynasty Black Glazed Jar


A black-glazed jar fired during the Joseon dynasty. It has a wide mouth in a barrel-shaped body with stacking clay marks on the flat rim and sand marks on the bottom, and the Tataki mark (traces of moulding marks) on the inside. At first glance, it seems to be a work that looks like Karatsu ware in the Momoyama period. Still, the technique of using sand and clay marks inside the kiln was applied at Hizen after the 1620s (Edo period). Also, this piece has glazed until the bottom so that it is inferred that crafted in the Korean peninsula earlier than Karatsu ware.
However, it has different characteristics from the so-called Kuro-Korai that was fired together with Buncheong ware. Therefore, this piece particularly has an affinity to the Karatsu ware among the Korean ceramics.

There are no noticeable defects other than slight ageing on the surface and minor chips on the rim, and the condition is good. It is a good size and silhouette as Mizusashi.

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