Early Imari White Porcelain Cup with Fluted Design


An Early Imari cup made in the early Edo period. The fluted pattern is applied to the exterior, and the lip is opened. Grits adhere to the inside of the base, and the clay is exposed through the unglazed spots.

This design was produced in kilns throughout Hizen from the 1630s to the 1650s; since this ridged design was carved by hand for each cup, the technique was unsuitable for mass production and disappeared later. In contrast, there are no similar designs in the Korean Peninsula or China, where Hizen porcelain’s primary influence, similar designs can be seen in Southeast Asian ceramics such as Thailand.

Kiln alteration iron spots can be seen inside and outside. This type is usually significantly damaged, but this piece is in excellent condition with almost no scratches. It comes with a box.

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