Tamba Ware “Shiro-Tamba” White Slip Incense Burner


Tamba ware incense burner fired in the late Edo period. It is a type called Shiro-Tamba (White Tamba) that is white slip on the body, and the scenery occurred of dripping transparent glaze and grey-purple stains from the kiln defects.

As the nature of Buddhist altar fittings for the commoners, it is rougher made than tableware, and it is heavy and sturdy. The inside looks unglazed but, the Akadobe-glaze that is Tamba ware’s particular glaze since the early Edo period is applied, so that it can be filled with water as well.

For an incense burner, there is less dirt inside, and there is almost no odour. Although some transparent glaze has flaked off, the condition is generally good.

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