Eastern Han Dynasty Proto-porcelain Ash Glazed Triple Handled Jar


A three-eared proto-celadon jar fired during the Eastern Han. The olive-coloured ash glaze is applied on the rim to the shoulders, and a ring line is engraved. It is said that this kind of ash-glazed proto-porcelain were practical wares, while the green-glazed pottery of the same period were burial wares.

The proto-celadon, known as proto-porcelain, developed mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces since the Shang dynasty. Although it had been stagnated for a while, it re-emerged during the late Western Han dynasty. The modulated shape and the grey-green glaze set the stage for the Yue kiln’s true celadon, which was established in the same area in the late Eastern Han.

Many of these types are large jars, and small jars are rare. The body under the shoulder is exposed, but there is no water leakage because of its hard-baked body. Come with a storage box.

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