Mino Ware Large Bowl with Iron Painting “Kasahara Bowl”


A large bowl called “Kasahara-bachi (bowl)” was fired in the early Edo period. It was produced in several kilns in Mino and Seto, mainly in Kasahara (currently Kasahara-Cho, Tajimi City), in response to the demand for large dishes popular among samurai.

This piece was produced in approximately 1700 to presumed from the shape of the vessel. The reeds freely drawn are reminiscent of a large dish of E-Karatsu. Most of the Kasahara bowls, including this piece, are distorted. Considering that they inherit the characteristics of Momoyama pottery of Mino ware, such as total glaze and folding rim, it is still room for consideration whether the distortion was due to the mere inferior of the technique or the design.

Like many other Kasahara bowls, it is jointly repaired with the same potsherds ​​, and the paintings have been partially restored.

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