Satsuma Ware Genryuin Kiln Jakatsu Glazed Tenmoku-shaped Teabowl


A Satsuma ware Tenmoku-shaped bowl fired the first half of the Edo period. It is probably made in the Nishimochida-Genryuin kiln, which produced tea utensils during the Genroku period, or the early Ryumonji kiln, the heir kiln of the Genryuin. At the Nishimochida-type kiln, which was opened with a potter from Hizen (Karatsu ware potter), excellent works of Jakatsu glaze (Kairagi glaze), which came from the Karatsu ware, were made, but the Tenmoku shape like this one is rare. The iron-coated bottom conveys an inherited taste.

There are no noticeable defects other than the two chips on the rim. Come with a box.

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