Satsuma Ware Genryuin Type Kairagi Black Glazed Tenmoku-shaped Teabowl


A Satsuma ware Tenmoku-shaped bowl fired the first half of the Edo period. It is probably made in the Genryuin-Nishimochida kiln, which baked tea utensils during the Genroku period, or the early Ryumonji kiln, the heir kiln of the Genryuin. At the Nishimochida kiln, which was opened with a potter from Hizen (Karatsu ware potter), excellent works of Kairagi Glaze, which came from the Karatsu ware, were made, but the Tenmoku shape like this one is rare. The iron-coated bottom conveys an inherited taste.

There are no noticeable defects other than the two chips on the rim. Come with a box.

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