Agano Ware Kairagi Glaze Tea Bowl With Brush Stroke Pattern

¥80,000 JPY

A tea bowl made in the Agano-sarayama-hongama kiln in Buzen (current Fukuoka pref.) during the middle of the Edo period. The outside wall is covered with a full of varied Kairagi glaze, and the deep plum purple coloured inside has a stunning brush stroke pattern. The design on the outside wall is inspired by the Jakatsu (snake and scorpion in Japanese) glaze of Karatsu ware and Satsuma ware which shows a bizarre impression, but the small rounded shape is easy to handle, and the smooth-finished rim is also pleasing to the touch.

It seems that it has been used carefully for many years, and it is in extremely good condition. It comes in an old box with the description “Agano ware tea bowl” and a Shifuku drawstring bag. 

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