Agano Ware Jakatsu Glazed Teabowl with Brush Stroke Pattern


An Agano ware teabowl from the middle to late Edo period. It has a small, rounded shape. The exterior is covered with Jakatsu glaze (full of varied Kairagi glaze), and the deep plum purple-coloured interior has a stunning brush stroke pattern in the well.

In 1602, Tadaoki Hosokawa, the feudal lord of Kokura, invited a Korean potter, Sonkai, from Karatsu to open a kiln. This piece was fired at the Agano-Sarayama kiln during the reign of the Ogasawara, the next feudal lord. The striking designs of Jakatsu glaze and brush mark slip are beautifully combined into one teabowl.

Good condition with no noticeable defects. It comes with Shifuku (drawstring pouch) and fits in an old box with the inscription “Aganoyaki Chawan

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