Ryukyu Kingdom Tsuboya Ware Unglazed Bottle


A bottle fired in the Tsuboya kiln during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. This type of unglazed ware, called Arayachi ware in the Ryukyu Islands, is a general term opposed to the glazed pottery–Joyachi ware and refers to those that have been baked at around 1,000 degrees without glaze.

This type of bottle is called “Masu-bin”, used to weigh Awamori and was produced in the Tsuboya kiln and the older kiln, the Chibana kiln. It has mostly no decoration except only a line on the neck and is practically used. Still, this piece is quaintly beautiful by the kiln alteration that is unique to the unglazed pottery with an excellent clay taste.

The capacity is about 180ml, and it is most suitable for a sake bottle, but it needs to be washed when using it because it has an earthy odour. There are no noticeable defects except for kiln scratches. Come with a box.

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