Satsuma Ware “Hibakari-de” White Glazed Teabowl


A superior white glaze teabowl fired in the Tateno-type kiln in the early Edo period. It forms a Komogai shape with a bulgy body and a slightly outwarded lip. The base is the bamboo joint foot, and a small Kagamiochi (circle dent on the well) is designed.

Hibakari-de (only fire-type)” is the type that has been made by potters who came from northern Korea using the clay brought from their motherland. Its name came from the story that ‘Korean potters and techniques, clay, and only fire belonged to Japan’. Those were produced in the Uto kiln called Kochosa ware, the headstream of Satsuma ware, and the subsequent Osato kiln, and this piece is also from one of them. The white skin covered with delicate crackle glaze is tasteful and has an elegant appearance.

There are no noticeable defects, and the condition is good. The interior has a lustre peculiar to the inherited piece. It fits in an old box.

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